April 14, 2021


 Hello, friends!

I recently passed my CCRN exam, yay! However, I struggled with finding adequate information on tips to pass the pediatric exam. I've found there's a ton of information on the adult version, but pediatrics is less popular on the interwebs. To my pediatric critical care nurses, this one is for you!

The CCRN is a certification exam for critical care nurses. It verifies your knowledge about critical care concepts after working 1750 hours in the last two years. If you are working 36 hrs/week, you will usually accumulate this amount of hours around your one-year mark. 

If you've done this, now you're wondering- how do I pass? After my research and lot of trial and error, I found two main resources that helped tremendously. 

1.) Nurse Builder's Practice Questions

     This book is just practice questions, but the format is so similar to the exam. I studied this book by reading the rationales. I went through this book twice in its entirety before taking the exam. You can purchase it via the AACN's website here:

2.) AACN Review Course

    I am an auditory learner, therefore I cannot strictly read a PowerPoint and just pass an exam. The AACN has a review course that has voiceovers with power points that was fantastic! I highly recommend this course and definitely think it attributed to my success on the exam. Here's the link to the course:

With these review materials, you will be adequately prepared. I studied for about 2 months before taking the exam and thought that was plenty of time! As always, make sure you plan out a study schedule and stick to it. 

Happy Studying- You got this!