September 3, 2019


Hey, there!

As classes start and summer comes to an end, I can't help but feel a weird emptiness that I am not going back to school! As much as I miss it, I don't miss the stress of that first week back. It can be very overwhelming looking at all of your syllabi wondering how you will ever learn ALL of this information in 3 months. However, I'm here to help you! With these tips below, you'll be set to have a rocking semester, friends.

Tip #1: Buy a planner.

If you don't already have a planner, you need to go get one now. Run as fast as you can to the store and get your hands on one. It will be a LIFESAVER, I promise. At the start of every semester, I always would put in all of my exams and assignments for the rest of the semester. You can never get behind if you always plan ahead.

Tip #2: Color code!

I may have some OCD tendencies... but I color-coded everything in nursing school. In my planner, I used a different color for each different class, and then another color for when I had work, and then another color for extra-curricular activities. My planner looked like a rainbow (see below).

Tip #3: Read AHEAD

Guys, it's a game-changer to read BEFORE class. If you show up to class and already have a somewhat understanding of the material, the lecture will be a reiteration of what you already read and you will have a better understanding of leaving class. Just trust me on this one. What I always did was write out in my planner the lecture material a couple days before class that way I had read everything before class.

Tip #4: Get a grading app!

Again, if you have OCD tendencies like someone else I know... this is a great resource. There's a ton of different apps available, but the general idea is you can put in your grades and what your goal grade is and the app programs what percent you need to get on the rest of your exams/assignments to reach that goal. This is great so you aren't left at the end of the semester needing a 130% on the final to get an A. ;)

Tip #5: Buy an accordion folder!

I always bought these in nursing school to keep my materials in. This makes it super helpful because all of your loose papers are in one place. Again, you can color code the tabs for each class that way you keep everything organized. :)

I hope these tips help you, guys! They were all crucial to my success in nursing school. This first week can really set your tone for the rest of the semester, so be sure to start off on a good, organized, foot :) You got this!