May 6, 2018


I am OFFICIALLY done nursing school. Wow, that feels SO weird to say. However, I'm not done studying! I still have one more bridge to cross... the NCLEX. To find out how I am tackling this, keep reading!

I will be using three different sources for studying. These are the Saunder's NCLEX review book, Kaplan self-paced online review, and UWorld. At first. I wasn't going to buy Kaplan, but I really wanted a structured review with videos I could watch for content review. I also found a $50 off coupon for Kaplan that helped a ton! If you want to use it it's LIVE50 at checkout.

Here's my plan to use these materials:

  1.  Get through the Kaplan course (all online). 
  2. Do about 50 questions on UWorld until I am done Kaplan. 
  3. Once I'm done Kaplan I plan to break up my studying into systems which will include:
    1. Cardio, Respiratory, Onco/Hematology, GI/GU, OB, Peds, Neuro, + Musculoskeletal 
  4. Each day I will have a specific system to review on UWorld/Kaplan's QBanks. If I feel I need more review with something, I will read in my Saunder's book or watch a Kaplan content video. 
  5. Once I'm done systems review, I plan to do my last self-assessments on Kaplan and UWorld. 
  6. I will then do a TON of questions until my test date. 
I will definitely update you guys after I have taken the NCLEX to see if this works and what I would have done differently. I hope this helped some of you who are also going through the boards studying struggle right now! 

Happy studying! 

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