April 27, 2018


So it's that dreaded time of year again, finals week. Studying for finals is one of the hardest things in nursing school because they are cumulative- which means you are tested on SO much material! If you are struggling with how to tackle this, keep reading as I will share my best tips for "ace-ing" your finals!

My first tip is to create a schedule with what you will cover each day. I color code mine based on the class and make check-boxes next to the material so that once I have studied that I can cross it off. I create this schedule up until the day of my final that way I know what I will need to study each day. Here's an example of one I have made in the past:
After I created this schedule, I would separate my outlines for each day and clip them together. This kept everything organized and saved me time because I didn't have to sort through all of my outlines to find everything! Here's what this looked like:

My next tip is to really focus on the areas that you struggled with on your previous exams! My university allowed us to have exam review sheets where we could write what areas we got wrong during our exam reviews. I kept all of these and reviewed the areas before finals!

The most important tip is to not stress out! I know that you are very overwhelmed with a ton of material, but don't try to re-learn all of it in detail because you won't retain much if you are very stressed out. Make sure you take a deep breath- you can do this! Good luck to you all!

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