May 13, 2017


Hey Guys! It has been awhile since I have had time to sit down and write a blog post, but I am super excited for this one because it is so highly requested! Today's blog post will feature how I make my outlines. I've found that this technique has worked best for me studying wise, and hope that it will help you out too! All you need to make outlines like mine is Microsoft Word.

Steps to Outline Making

Step 1: Insert a table on Word with 2 columns

Step 2: Add the information!
What I like to do is make the main idea on the left, and the other details on the right. 
I usually use my powerpoint slides as a guide for this part and add information from the book. 

Step 3: Print and you'll have something like this!

Step 4: Color code and add notes!
This part is optional, but I like to color code my notes using colored highlighters.
I also add in hand-written notes when I relisten to my lectures. 
My color coding usually involves something like this:
          • Orange: Anything with #s.
          • Blue: Drugs
          • Pink: Adverse effects 
          • Green: A main idea column that I have mastered