January 4, 2017


Length of rotation: 6 weeks
Location: Inner city psychiatric hospital
Typical day:
  • Arrive at 6:20 am 
  • Go to pre-conference with clinical group + instructor
  • Arrive on the floor for report at 6:50 am
  • Receive report on patients from staff 
  • 7:30 am: Go on to the floor
  • Between 7:30am-4:00pm interact with patients
    • Attend groups
    • Perform Mental Status Assessments (MSA)
    • Teach patients about their medications + compliance
  • 4:00 pm: Post-conference w/ group + instructor
  • 5:00 pm: Head home!
Mental Health is definitely not like Med/Surg by any means. It is a whole different type of nursing! It is much less direct patient contact and more talking to patients and trying to understand what they are going through personally. I saw many psychiatric disorders first hand that made it much easier to learn about from a textbook later in class. Overall, this rotation made me appreciate the importance of mental health and the nursing care that is involved with it.

HESI Studying Materials Used:

  • Evolve Adaptive Quizzing
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Success


  1. Mental Health is so important in healthcare! It's awesome to read your perspective on this rotation. And I agree, first-hand experiences make the world of a difference when it comes to learning!

  2. Hi I'm a new nursing student and please if you can recommend what kind of stethoscope I should spend money on. I'm also raising 2 kids and I would like to spend my money on something that's worth it and it's going to last me. Thx by the way I love your posts